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Home Decor | 29-08-2022

Renovate Your Walls With JSW Paints Waterproofing Solution and be Monsoon Ready!

Monsoons are the nicest time of the year in India as they bring fresh air of relief after the scorching summers. They are characterised by lush greenery, pleasant scent of damp roads as well as thunderstorms, high winds, and heavy showers. Unfortunately, this causes a distinct set of problems in our homes, including dampness, leaks, peeling paint, unpleasant odours, damage, and pests. Needless to say, moisture is simply the biggest enemy in the rainy season!

Ready for a little pre-monsoon renovation? Are you up for a little pre-monsoon renovation?

Damp Wall

Due to heavy rains causing dampness around, the monsoon might not be an appropriate time for renovations. Hence, make sure to renovate your home before the season begins. We usually form an opinion on how the interiors of a house would seem just by looking at the external walls. And with the monsoon season just around the corner, it is our responsibility to take precautionary measures to safeguard our homes.

Waterproofing is a key part of the restoration process. It aims to protect the structure from all kinds of water damage and extreme weather conditions. It also strengthens exposed portions such as the roof, exterior, and interior from water seepage and leakage.

When should you consider waterproofing and renovating your home?

iBlok Waterstop

Prevention is better than cure. If you notice dampness on your walls and roof, Or if you sense any foul smell from the walls, It’s an indication to waterproof and protect your homes against dampness and moisture. It is the right time to mend your home with JSW Paints Waterproofing solutions and give it a new upgraded look.

JSW Paints' iBlok Waterstop series is a proven solution to all of your waterproofing and waterproofing challenges. We promise that all of your waterproofing requirements will be met by its range of products, which includes: iBlok Waterstop Roof coat for Exteriors, Roofs, Terraces, Parapet walls, iBlok Waterstop prime coat for Exteriors, and iBlok Waterstop prime coat for Interiors. The iBlok Waterstop series has been tested as per International Test Standards to give its best results which help in keeping moisture and dampness out of interiors, exteriors, and roofs.

iBlok Waterstop Roof Coat for terrace and parapet walls

1. iBlok Waterstop roof coat for Exteriors: It is a Fibre Reinforced Waterproofing coating. It is an excellent waterproofing envelope, which is most suitable for your terrace and parapet walls. It has a 7-year endurance for exterior waterproofing thus providing a long-lasting stunning appearance. It serves as a protective layer and bridges cracks upto 1 mm to withstand water pressure. Its high mechanical strength creates a tougher & thicker film for roof application and Strong Abrasion resistance reduces damage to the film due to foot traffic, thus making it an easy walk on the surface.

Along with this, it also helps in weatherproofing by enabling the surface to reflect the heat and cool down the surface area, thus reducing the overall temperature of your homes.

iBlok Waterstop Prime Coat for exterior surfaces

2. iBlok Waterstop prime coat for Exteriors: It is a waterproofing base coat that can be applied to exterior surfaces – Vertical walls and Parapet walls as well as roofs/facades. It is a one-of-a-kind solution that can withstand high water pressure induced by heavy rains. It ensures three-year endurance enabling a rich and splendid look to your walls. With its elongation ability, it provides superior crack bridging ability upto 1 mm. It also prevents the recurrence of the cracks and blocks water from penetrating exterior walls and extends the life and performance of the top coat. It is a safer, healthier, and a more eco-friendly paint and can be applied on formerly plastered and painted exterior walls, chajjas, and terrace.

iBlok Waterstop Prime Coat for Interiors

3. iBlok Waterstop prime coat for Interiors: It is a waterproofing undercoat that protects your walls from moisture and surface dampness. It has a Breathable coating which performs 10x better against water dampness than any standard interior primers. It prevents water from seeping inside walls and prolongs the life and effectiveness of the top coat. It is applied in the same manner as a regular interior primer. It's a solution that is safer, healthier, and better for the environment. It can be applied on previously plastered and prepared interior surfaces.

So, the next time you decide to renovate or protect your home, Choose JSW Paints iBlok WATERSTOP waterproofing solutions. They will not only safeguard your home but will also give it a long-lasting majestic appearance. With Waterproofing solution applied, You can give your walls a fresh look with your pick of paint shade from the JSW Paints colour palette.

Living Room Wall Paint Design Idea

Here are a few colours picked up from our JSW Paints Colourvista shade panorama that can add value to your monsoon makeover and help you beautifully renovate your home - Blue Rain, Blue Waters, Chasing Monsoons, Clear Water, Dreamy Mist, Frosted Rain, Get Wet, Monsoon Grass, Monsoon Drama, Rain Drizzle, Rains Alive, Skyless Storm, Sound of Rain, Splash of Rain, Wash of Water, Where Rain is Born.

We can be prepared for the monsoon by overcoming the waterproofing challenges and applying fresh paints. Here are a few tips:

1. Ventilate your home by keeping open windows with mesh screens to avoid insects and eliminate dampness and odours.

2. Use translucent window drapes that allow enough sunlight into your home without interfering with your privacy.

3. Use a humidifier to reduce humidity inside your home, as well as for spreading a soothing fragrance.

Monsoon is a magical season. Make sure your home is pre-ready to welcome the rains too! Call 1800-121-5797 for more information.


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