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Large scale projects come with large scale challenges. At JSW Paints, we simplify the painting experience for your site requirement with our innovative Profect range of solutions.

Introducing The JSW Paints
Profect Range

The JSW Paints Profect range is designed to be every professional’s first choice. The range brings you high-quality perfect-finish paints. All of which are carefully curated by experts to meet the extensive criteria of big commercial projects. With this range, we endeavour to formulate durable products which can, in turn, optimise paint consumption

Profect Product Edge
Large scale projects come with large scale challenges. At JSW Paints, we simplify the painting experience for your site requirement with our innovative Profect range of solutions.

GRIHA Certified

Profect range of paints are certified as green building products under GRIHA (Green Rating for Intergrated Habitat Assessment) Criterion and are enlisted in GRIHA product Catalogue. Profect range of paints can be used in projects that are rated GRIHA & SVAGRIHA compliant.


JSW Paints meets VOC levels as certified by National Test House (NTH), Mumbai. Compliant to LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) VOC criteria as per IGBC (Indian Green Building Counc Das tested at National lest house, Mumbai


Profect range of paints are high performance paints that offer trusted performance against fading, faking, and peeling. With this you can be assured that the walls will look newer and brighter, wear after year!

Any Color One Price

The 'Any Colour One Price' proposition that offers a wide range of colours at the same price, be it whites, pastels, mid tones or deeo accents. industry- hrst offering disrupting the paints market.

Anti-algal & Anti-fungal

Profect range of paints have excellent resistance to growth of algae and fungi on the walls, thereby preventing the appearance of black spots on exterior walls and ensuring a cleaner look for longer duration.


The anti-carbonation property acts as an excellent barrier to penetration & attack of carbon dioxide, water, sulphates and chloride ions into RC structures that prevents from corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement.

IGBC Compliant

Compliant to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) VOC Criteria as per Indian Green Building Council (IG/BC).

Our Service Edge

At JSW Paints, we aim to delight our customers by providing exceptional value-added services like recommending the right products for the site, offering technical services, colour consultancy, site inspection, and direct delivery to site.

Pro Buddy Assist

To make your painting experience more comfortable and pleasant, JSW Paints Pro Buddy Assist will guide you in selecting the perfect colours and products for your projects. JSW Paints Pro Buddy Assist can help you visualize the new look by either using the Colourvista tools or sampling the chosen paint on a wall. JSW Paints Pro Buddy Assist also helps you find the right contractor and clarify all the queries related to painting.

Pro Glimpse

JSW Paints Pro Glimpse helps you visualise colours on walls before they are painted. It allows you to take a look at multiple colour schemes and combinations before you finalise the right look for your project.


JSW Paints provides an on-site sampling of the shortlisted colours, which helps you know what the shade will look like on the wall.

Direct Site Delivery

To ensure that you face minimal issues & for ease of convenience, we deliver our products straight from our warehouses, directly to the site of application.

Designed for application across sectors

Healthcare Institutions


Educational Institutions

Commercial Complexes

Key Projects

Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue, Mumbai

Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum

CSI Cathedral Church, Kozhikode

District Panchayat, Ahmedabad

SFS College, Nagpur

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